Adolescent Therapy

It is very common for adolescents to experience mental health problems leading into adulthood.

Though it is not often clear that there are mental health issues happening, adolescents with low motivation, poor grades,ADHD, parent-child conflicts, who are engaging in drug use and abuse, with video game addiction, or hostility may be struggling.

It is important in these situations to consider the idea that adolescent therapy might be needed.

Sometimes, an adolescent may ask for a therapist themselves.

It’s important not to trivialize this. If someone is asking for help, it is because they think they need help.

For a teenager or someone in the pre-adult stage, there might be other difficulties that they’ve struggled with for years that have gone unaddressed.

By leaving things such as low self-esteem, attention disorders, sleeping issues, or eating problems go unaddressed, it serves to compound them over time.

They actually can worsen rather quickly and in the most unfortunate of cases, result in them trying to take their own life.

Reasons For Adolescents To Seek Therapy

Among the reasons that some adolescents seek out therapy, these include for anger management, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, attachment difficulties, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD, behavioural problems, the impact of a parental divorce or separation, the seeking of happiness, sexual abuse, verbal or physical abuse, adoption, family relationship issues, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

During the adolescent phase, there are considerable changes happening all around a person.

Therapy can be useful in navigating and understanding these changes while providing an adolescent with the tools to manage their own emotions in a constructive way.

AE Psychotherapy can help you with therapy adolescent.

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