Individual therapy is a process through which clients work one on one with a therapist to explore their feelings, thoughts, beliefs, or behaviours in a safe and confidential environment.

This form of therapy has proven to be extremely helpful in dealing with a wide variety of different issues including coping with stress therapy and relationship problems, anger management, and mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety therapy.

Who Is Individual Therapy For

Individual therapy is not strictly reserved for more immediate or serious circumstances either.

If you are not feeling strong and/or empowered in your own personal life to achieve your full potential, individual therapy can help address the underlying causes.

Through the use of highly effective new and traditional therapies, your life can be adjusted to a more balanced state over time.

No matter what your story is, it would be my pleasure to provide the insight and understanding required to begin inspiring the changes to make life more satisfying.

Who Is Individual Therapy For

Individuals I Have Provided Therapy For

Throughout my practice, I have worked with clients affected by numerous mental health conditions.

I have worked with individuals struggling with mood disorders, depression, and anxiety.

I have also helped individuals in therapy resolve and process aspects of life such as grief, illness, addiction, and other influences that can weigh us down over time.


Through the process of individual therapy, I apply evidence-based therapeutic approaches to address client concerns, slowly building an individual’s skill set to successfully manage their condition without worry.

I am very passionate about providing my clients with practical tools to improve their quality of life.

For some people, there are ongoing issues with regards to their personal relationships.

In others, they might not be getting the fulfillment they want from their professional or personal life.

If this sounds like you, individual therapy can be of significant benefit.

By breaking down what is preventing you from living your life, we can narrow down to the root cause and begin repairing from there.

The Ultimate Goal Of Individual Therapy

The ultimate goal is to help each client achieve optimum long-term health and wellness.

As challenges come up, using the right coping and management strategies can help overcome them.

In many cases, clients end up gaining in and growing their self-awareness, knowledge, and self- understanding.

The human condition is something that affects us all and through our challenges may be different individually, quality therapy services can help any parent (parent support), youth(adolescence), adult, or senior regain control on their personal and professional lives.

When You Need Individual Therapy

How Do You Know It’s time To Seek Out Individual Therapy?

In order to help you figure out if it’s the right time to consider therapy – consider the following thought.

If you are experiencing some form of interference from a mental health condition or other issue and it is preventing you from conducting your normal day to day activities, it is time to seek therapy.

This interference may be problematic beliefs, feelings, behaviours, or even physical sensations in the body.

What Happens If I Don’t Ask For Help?

If left unaddressed, the consequences left to fester can end leading to more serious complications.

Don’t be afraid to seek individual therapy.

People seek therapy for many different reasons.

Whatever your reason might be there is a lot of good that can come from individual therapy.

Reaching out for help can easily turn out to be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself.


Alexandra’s other areas of therapies are family therapy and couples therapy.

She is an experienced registered psychotherapist.

For psychotherapy services online, or in-person, contact to book an appointment or ask any questions.


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