Family Therapy

Online and In-Person Therapy For Families

Family Therapy

Online and In-Person Therapy For Families

Overview Of Family Therapy

Discover the power of family therapy – a dynamic form of group psychotherapy that strengthens relationships and promotes positive behavior changes. This transformative approach brings together various combinations of loved ones, including parents, children, siblings, grandparents, and more. Unleash the potential of your family unit and foster greater connection and understanding through the power of talk therapy.

What Is Family Therapy

How Family Therapy Can Help

    Family therapy is a form of counseling or psychotherapy that focuses on improving communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening relationships within a family unit. Here are some ways in which family therapy can help families:

    1. Resolving Conflicts: Family therapy helps identify and address underlying conflicts and issues within the family. By exploring each individual’s perspectives and experiences, the therapist assists in finding solutions that are mutually beneficial and promote harmony within the family.
    2. Building Stronger Relationships: Through family therapy, family members can develop a deeper understanding of one another’s needs, values, and emotions. This increased understanding fosters empathy, trust, and stronger bonds between family members.
    3. Developing Coping Skills: Family therapy equips families with valuable tools and strategies to cope with challenges, transitions, and hardships. It helps family members develop healthy coping mechanisms, problem-solving skills, and resilience, enabling them to navigate difficulties more effectively.
    4. Promoting Individual Growth: Family therapy recognizes that individuals are interconnected within the family system. By addressing individual concerns within the context of the family, therapy can support personal growth and development for each family member.
    5. Addressing Family Dynamics: Family therapy explores the roles, dynamics, and patterns of behavior within the family system. By bringing awareness to unhealthy dynamics and patterns, family members can work towards healthier interactions and create positive change within the family unit.

    Start Repairing Your Family Bond

    Online and In-Person Therapy For Families

    Start Repairing Your Family Bond

    Online and In-Person Therapy For Families

    TYPES OF Family Therapy

    Professional Marriage Counseling

    Strengthen your bond with your spouse or partner through specialized therapy. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) provide expert guidance to address and resolve communication challenges, parenting concerns, financial struggles, and mental health issues within your relationship. Take the first step towards lasting harmony today.

    Systemic family therapy

    From romantic partnerships to parent-child dynamics, this approach examines the various roles individuals play within their family unit. But it doesn’t stop there – cultural beliefs, religious practices, political views, and socio-economic factors also come into play. By recognizing the profound impact of context, this therapy prioritizes your psychological growth and emotional health. Join us on a journey of holistic understanding and transformation.

    Structural family therapy

    Discover healthier family dynamics with structural family therapy. By examining the inner relationships, boundaries, and hierarchies within your family unit, this therapeutic approach aims to produce positive change. Using direct interactions among family members, a trained therapist guides the exploration of alternative ways to improve communication and resolve issues. Experience the power of structural family therapy in transforming your family’s patterns of relating to one another.

    Strategic family therapy

    Experience positive changes in your family dynamics with this short-term family therapy. Our therapists believe that the family plays a vital role in children’s lives and development. Designed to target behavioral challenges, this therapy approach focuses on transforming the family environment for the better.

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    Does your family need help reconnecting and repairing the strong family bond you once had?

    Look no further than AE Psychotherapy Services.

    Alexandra is a registered psychotherapist, specializes in providing compassionate and effective family therapy.

    She understands the challenges that can arrise within a family, and she’s here to help.


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