Family Therapy

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that may involve all members of the family but may also involve pairings such as siblings, parent-child, or just parents (parent support).

The therapist may feel at times that expanding the system may be beneficial. For example, grandparents and/or other people important to the family may join at times.

The primary goal of family therapy is to improve communication among family members and to resolve conflicts in the home.

Alongside a third party therapist, family therapy begins with supportive and interactive coaching.

Collaborating with family members is key. Any treatment plan and/or techniques provided in family therapy are personalized to the unique needs of the situation. There is a wide spectrum of issues that can come up in family therapy, including depression and anxiety, stress, adolescence, anger management, behavioural issues, relationship issues,
and learning difficulties. It’s important, to be honest.


Creating a safe therapeutic environment for families can go a long way in repairing the relationships that can sometimes become frayed over time.

Together, we can explore painful and troubling feelings, identifying the root cause and helping to find a way past them. We can set goals and help develop strategies to cope with difficult situations and uncomfortable feelings.

Throughout my practice, I have helped diverse populations with mental health and positive relationship development.

If there is something that is dragging your family down and that is threatening the quality of life for all involved, it’s important to address it.

I have a passion for helping families of all types, from those with young children all the way to those who have children in their late teens.

Times can get rough and for some, it’s rougher than others.

An inclusive, safe environment such as family therapy can be the perfect place to address everything from relationship issues to emotional abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and other issues.

When To Consider Family Therapy

Is Family Therapy Effective?

Family therapy can be an effective way of addressing family issues and helping families to improve their relationships. If everyone is willing to put in the work, family therapy will create healthier emotional connections and foster a better family dynamic.

Family therapy can also help people with mental health problems such as depression or anxiety, as well as those dealing with difficult life events like divorce or the death of a loved one.

If you have any concerns about family therapy, please get in touch and I would be happy to address any concerns.

How Family Therapy Works

Family therapy can take on many forms, including potentially meeting with the parents individually, meeting with the children separately, sometimes meeting altogether, and/or meeting in other arrangements or configurations.

Many times, parents bring their children to family therapy to ensure they are coping well with a major transition in their lives.

When To Consider Family Therapy

If a child is showing signs of anxiety or is having difficulties regulating their emotions, this also sometimes encourages a parent to initiate family therapy.

At other times, it is the parent or parents who need the most attention in family therapy.

As important as it is for a child to learn to cope with an emotion, it’s equally important that parents know how to respond to that behaviour.

Sometimes, it is the simplest of changes that can change the dynamics of a household in the most dramatic of ways.

Acquire new skills in parenting, new communication techniques, and effective strategies to support one’s children.

A practical, solutions-focused approach is what I use in family therapy to maximize sessions.

There is always a way if you are willing to search for it and put in the work.

Today, with family therapy, you can learn how to move through difficult life transitions more easily, and to improve the relationships that have seen their connections stressed.


Alexandra’s other areas of therapies are couples therapy and individual therapy.

She is an experienced registered psychotherapist.

For Psychotherapy service, contact to book an appointment or ask any questions.


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