Couples TherapyCouples that have been together long enough inevitably end up encountering some major challenges and difficulties.

At times, it is easy for communication to break down as couples fail to recognize and resolve conflicts effectively.

Beyond major conflicts, sometimes it can just seem as if relationships are not growing like they used to and as if things are stagnant.

Couples therapy can touch upon any of these situations and others.

Couples therapy is designed to provide real help for issues such as separations, communication issues, handling infidelity, and finances.

If all parties are willing to work for it, a strong relationship may overcome almost anything.

Overcoming Difficulties In Couples Therapy

Being in a relationship that is struggling to overcome challenges is not easy. Compromises are not always the answer.

Sometimes, you need a couples therapist there to help give you the tools to work through an issue.

When you and your partner are struggling, as long as both of you want to make things better and are willing to make the changes needed to do so, we can help you past it.

Sometimes the relationship can be impacted by issues that occur in one or both of the parties.

For example stress, depression, anger management issues, and anxiety.

Remember, couples therapy is only helpful if everyone in the relationship is open and willing to accept the help provided.

If this is not something that everyone in the relationship is capable of, it makes it very difficult to solve problems and gain understanding.

Arguably, the top reason that most relationships come to couples therapy has to do with communication issues, and the needs and wants of an individual being misread.

This, then commonly leads to distance developing between the couple and perhaps resentment.

Communication issues are very common.

My approach to couples therapy has always been to help couples understand the patterns that have developed and thereby understand the dynamics that are now occurring between the couple.

By knowing and using the appropriate communication techniques, a lot can be accomplished in couples therapy.

Learning each person’s triggers are and really listening to what the other person is saying is the beginning to a more successful relationship.

As a couples therapist, it is up to me to be an effective third party.

When I teach new techniques to couples, we practice them in session and I coach step by step ensuring that each person is being heard.

Don’t ever count a relationship out.

If both people put in the work, any relationship on the rocks can be improved, enhanced, and managed more successfully.

Through couples therapy, learn to comfort hurts, to eliminate unhelpful patterns, and to function in a more loving and caring way.

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